When Adventure Feels Like Home

I’ve had plenty of great days in the mountains with my kids but today was different. While hanging out by the lake, I noticed they were both happy and at peace. Okay, okay...it doesn't sound like anything extravagant but this moment wasn't exactly the outcome I was expecting after the six dreadful hours that led … Continue reading When Adventure Feels Like Home

YYC Inner City Sanity Saver – Waterfall Valley 1km Hike

Looking to escape the city but you're trying to juggle nap times, moody toddlers, and just don't have the energy for a trek to the mountains? Well look no further—your sanity saver has arrived! Just off Silver Springs Blvd near the Silver Springs Arena in the NW, lies a beautiful coulee by the name of … Continue reading YYC Inner City Sanity Saver – Waterfall Valley 1km Hike

Mom & Tot Time at Boulder Climbing Community

If you're looking to switch things up with the kids, I highly encourage you to check out Boulder Climbing Community (Calgary, Alberta). After having 2 kids, I was never struck with the desire to throw on some tight shoes and hit the climbing wall but this place has definitely reinvented climbing for the every day mom … Continue reading Mom & Tot Time at Boulder Climbing Community

Getting back to “Me”

Tuesdays are fragile. The suspense sets in late Monday evening when I start to wonder if my babysitter will cancel or maybe the kids will wake up sick. Come morning, I quickly check my phone to see what the weather has in store—I love snow but hopefully it's not too cold...or too hot! You see, if … Continue reading Getting back to “Me”

When Can I Bike With My Baby?

When my son reached 8 months old, summer was just around the corner and I was desperate to get back on the bike. Living so close to beautiful pathways, I wanted nothing more than to throw my baby in the Chariot and go for a rip—here's why I didn't. First and foremost, I acknowledge that … Continue reading When Can I Bike With My Baby?

My Top Picks – Baby Winter Gear

This is my second winter with a baby in tow and after much trial and error, you'd think I'd have the golden formula for keeping a baby warm—but guess again. Compared to my son, my daughter has a much lower tolerance for the cold which prompted yet another season of searching for the perfect outdoor winter gear. … Continue reading My Top Picks – Baby Winter Gear