Family Fun in Fernie, BC

Three years ago we started a new family tradition of heading to Fernie, BC after our Christmas celebrations wrapped up. Not only does it help us recover from the holiday chaos but it gives us a chance to reconnect as a family, slow down, and spend our days outside. Plus, Fernie Alpine Resort offers great activities … Continue reading Family Fun in Fernie, BC

Mountain Lakes and Skates

Although I've lived near the mountains my whole life, this year we got to do something incredibly unique—we skated on natural lakes in the mountains! It never really occurred to me why people don't always skate on frozen lakes but typically at this time of the year, it's too cold and snowy to get on … Continue reading Mountain Lakes and Skates

How I Try…err…Get Outside in Winter

I love the snow but winter also brings out my inner blanket snuggling, tea sipping, kid cuddling, "lets just watch one more episode" kind of attitude...some days this feeling seems to trump all and I find it sooo hard to get out and move. Even though a popcorn filled tv day is ok every once … Continue reading How I Try…err…Get Outside in Winter

Let the Skiing Begin – A Guide to Starting Out

Ever since my son was born, I've been counting down the days until I could share my passion for skiing with him—the time has finally come to hit the hill! Woo-whooo! Last winter we gave him a taste of life on planks. He was only 15 months old but could walk well and was strong … Continue reading Let the Skiing Begin – A Guide to Starting Out

Cabin life with no power or water…and a baby?!?

Before my son was even born, my husband asked if I'd be up for doing a winter cabin trip with the baby. Our friends were expecting a baby 6 months before us and thought it would be fun to book a hut with 4 other families, for three days, with 5 kids between us. Sure, … Continue reading Cabin life with no power or water…and a baby?!?