Larch Islands Interpretive Trail

Elevation Gain: None
Distance: 3.5km (Loop)
Perfect for: Walking toddlers, carriers, maybe a single Chariot

This trail is one of my favourites since it combines so many awesome features for toddlers including river rock throwing, bridges, great views, fun tree covered trails, and seems to end in the perfect amount of time (and distance!). PLUS it starts in Canmore so you can easily go to a playground after if your kids still have energy or grab a bite to eat.


It’s a little awkward to find but there’s small parking area at the end of 15th Street near 11 Avenue. Walk towards the river and turn right onto a paved path. From there you’ll soon find a small footbridge to your left and that’s the trailhead for Larch Island Interpretive Trail.

Version 2

Walking along the Bow River there are lots of stops with benches that provide great areas for kids to throw rocks (I don’t know about you but my guy is obsessed!). Once you get in the trees there are quite a few off shoots (I think we ended up on one) but it was pretty easy to find your way back to the main path. We did this hike in October to see the fall colours because there are a few clusters of larches if you can find them.

If you’re looking to stroller there’s also a nice paved path that runs alongside some playgrounds. We stopped at one before we got back to the vehicle to ensure a nice long nap for the drive home. This hike makes for a great morning/afternoon adventure!

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