Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Elevation Gain: Up to 215m
Distance: 2km – 9.5km (Loops)

Perfect for: Walking toddlers, carriers, single/double Chariot

If you’re looking to escape the city without a lengthy trip to the mountains, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is the perfect option. Located between Cochrane and NW Calgary, Glenbow Ranch Trails can be accessed from Glenbow Road, off of Highway #1A.

The park offers a variety of trails ranging from the toddler friendly Tiger Lily Loop (2km) to moderate paths with rolling hills that are perfect for jogging or cycling (9.5km). Note: Not all paths permit bikes. There are also plenty of scenic mountain views and picnic tables to stop and enjoy the surroundings. We ventured out on a sunny March afternoon but I’m sure this place is absolutely stunning in the summer months!


We didn’t have a chance to explore the whole park but we did bring the balance bike and ventured down Glenbow Trail that leads to the river. It’s a paved path thats easy to descend but I do recommend bringing a stroller or carrier option for the hike out since it can be intense for little legs (even big legs for that matter…).


If you want to keep things easy, Tiger Lily Loop is right near the parking lot and offers a dirt path that’s quick and ideal for toddlers. You can head to the lookout first and then duck off into the trail. You won’t be able to bring a stroller on this path.


This park has plenty of options and warrants multiple visits to fully explore. It’s also dog friendly however they must be on a leash. It’s the perfect destination for the family to venture by foot or bike and throughout all seasons of the year.