Fish Creek MTB Skills Park

Terrain type: Dirt and Rocks
Difficulty: 3/5

This park is by far my…err…my son’s favourite to date. The park consists of 2 main pumptracks—beginner and intermediate. The beginner track is your standard circular design with varying small sized “bumps” (as my son calls them). The intermediate track is designed with several paths and options but maintains a good flow. Compared to other parks, this was a nice change from the standard circular design since my son could explore and experience making his own paths—great for leaning how to adjust on the fly as we get into more complicated terrain.


There’s also a small hill with a beginner friendly track that loops around with bumps and berms to practice single track skills! Kids with pedals have the option of going higher to practice more advance inclines with a variety of features on the way down. (Of course you can always push your little guys up and let them rip down too!)

The only con I’d mention is that there’s A LOT of rocks! Makes me wish I could find small bike gloves for my 2yr old. Other benefits, if you get tired of biking, there are lots of nice trails to check out and Sikome lake is just down the street.

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