Confederation Park

Terrain type: Pavement, Grass
Difficulty: 2/5


This is our local park that we venture to almost every day so I need to put it in here. Plus, it’s an incredible place to develop bike skills. In fact, Pedalheads capitalizes on this great area as well and often holds lessons here to get kids biking and off of training wheels.


Not only does it offer smooth, paved paths but depending which route you take, you can also experiment with low-grade or steep hills. There are also lots of bridges to cross which kids can find exciting. Furthermore, the area is filled with all kinds of grass hills that have an abundance of run-out space so kids can really get a taste of speed and going downhill. If you’ve already read my article on progressing your kid’s balance bike skills, you’ll know this is great teaching ground. There’s lots of ways to get creative here.

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Plus, it’s a lovely location for family photo shoots and a new natural playground was just installed near the 10th street tunnel.