Chestermere Family Bike Park

Chestermere Bike Park

Terrain Type: Dirt Difficulty: All Levels Directions Hands down, this bike park takes the cake! Set in the friendly community of Chestermere, this family bike park has it all ranging from a skills loop, beginner to intermediate pump tracks, and a full on jump park/flow trail! There's so much to do which makes it the perfect … Continue reading Chestermere Family Bike Park


Winsport Canada Skills Centre

Terrain type: Dirt, Rocks, Bumps Difficulty: 4/5 [Directions] The Winsport Skills Centre offers lots of fun for toddlers and kids who are comfortable on their bikes and don’t mind a little speed. The area consists of multiple single tracks with features such as rocks, logs, berms, bridges, ramps, and rollers. The area is NOT flat … Continue reading Winsport Canada Skills Centre

When Adventure Feels Like Home

I’ve had plenty of great days in the mountains with my kids but today was different. While hanging out by the lake, I noticed they were both happy and at peace. Okay, doesn't sound like anything extravagant but this moment wasn't exactly the outcome I was expecting after the six dreadful hours that led … Continue reading When Adventure Feels Like Home

YYC Inner City Sanity Saver – Waterfall Valley 1km Hike

Looking to escape the city but you're trying to juggle nap times, moody toddlers, and just don't have the energy for a trek to the mountains? Well look no further—your sanity saver has arrived! Just off Silver Springs Blvd near the Silver Springs Arena in the NW, lies a beautiful coulee by the name of … Continue reading YYC Inner City Sanity Saver – Waterfall Valley 1km Hike

Mom & Tot Time at Boulder Climbing Community

If you're looking to switch things up with the kids, I highly encourage you to check out Boulder Climbing Community (Calgary, Alberta). After having 2 kids, I was never struck with the desire to throw on some tight shoes and hit the climbing wall but this place has definitely reinvented climbing for the every day mom … Continue reading Mom & Tot Time at Boulder Climbing Community

Getting back to “Me”

Tuesdays are fragile. The suspense sets in late Monday evening when I start to wonder if my babysitter will cancel or maybe the kids will wake up sick. Come morning, I quickly check my phone to see what the weather has in store—I love snow but hopefully it's not too cold...or too hot! You see, if … Continue reading Getting back to “Me”