Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

I loved the idea of a Christmas Activity Advent Calendar that Tova in my local outdoor Facebook group shared. But what really blew me away were all the great ideas she sourced from our local community of moms! We truly have some inspirational women/families and I wanted to capture the activities they listed. Although some of … Continue reading Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

A New Kind of Christmas

I love Christmas! Every part of it—from searching and finding the perfect gift and stocking stuffers, picking out cute wrapping paper, organizing presents under the tree, decorating the lawn and house, dressing up, spoiling friends, the list goes on... And that's exactly why it was so hard to give up my typical Christmas ways! Our … Continue reading A New Kind of Christmas

How I Try…err…Get Outside in Winter

I love the snow but winter also brings out my inner blanket snuggling, tea sipping, kid cuddling, "lets just watch one more episode" kind of attitude...some days this feeling seems to trump all and I find it sooo hard to get out and move. Even though a popcorn filled tv day is ok every once … Continue reading How I Try…err…Get Outside in Winter

5 Ways I Make Time for ME! Part 1

"It doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day". Although that always seems to be the case, what you fill those hours with can either build you up or tear you down. Oh but it's not that easy, you say. Don't worry, I hear you!!! With a 2 month old and almost 2 … Continue reading 5 Ways I Make Time for ME! Part 1