Getting back to “Me”

Tuesdays are fragile. The suspense sets in late Monday evening when I start to wonder if my babysitter will cancel or maybe the kids will wake up sick. Come morning, I quickly check my phone to see what the weather has in store—I love snow but hopefully it's not too cold...or too hot! You see, if … Continue reading Getting back to “Me”

You Are Still Adventurous Mama

What does a 2yr old with new found independence, a teething 5 month old, and a sleep training/breastfeeding mama all have in common? They all make a trip to the mountains nearly impossible...sigh. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've had a breath of mountain air and I'm wondering if this whole Blog is a … Continue reading You Are Still Adventurous Mama

A New Kind of Christmas

I love Christmas! Every part of it—from searching and finding the perfect gift and stocking stuffers, picking out cute wrapping paper, organizing presents under the tree, decorating the lawn and house, dressing up, spoiling friends, the list goes on... And that's exactly why it was so hard to give up my typical Christmas ways! Our … Continue reading A New Kind of Christmas