When Adventure Feels Like Home

I’ve had plenty of great days in the mountains with my kids but today was different. While hanging out by the lake, I noticed they were both happy and at peace. Okay, okay...it doesn't sound like anything extravagant but this moment wasn't exactly the outcome I was expecting after the six dreadful hours that led … Continue reading When Adventure Feels Like Home

Getting back to “Me”

Tuesdays are fragile. The suspense sets in late Monday evening when I start to wonder if my babysitter will cancel or maybe the kids will wake up sick. Come morning, I quickly check my phone to see what the weather has in store—I love snow but hopefully it's not too cold...or too hot! You see, if … Continue reading Getting back to “Me”

You Are Still Adventurous Mama

What does a 2yr old with new found independence, a teething 5 month old, and a sleep training/breastfeeding mama all have in common? They all make a trip to the mountains nearly impossible...sigh. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've had a breath of mountain air and I'm wondering if this whole Blog is a … Continue reading You Are Still Adventurous Mama

Ready, Set, START! – Let the outdoor adventures begin

I've postponed starting this Blog for a long time. It's hard enough finding "me" time that I couldn't imagine adding a Blog to the mix. On top of it all, I wasn't sure if I could stay motivated, keep organized, get ideas, or handle the criticism from myself and others. And then it hit me... … Continue reading Ready, Set, START! – Let the outdoor adventures begin