Hi, I’m Tara! When I’m not running around with my 2 kids, you will find me painting a mountain scene or tackling a new skill (like trying to start a small business or project managing the build of a new house). I’m a blueberry pancake enthusiast, mentor high school students in business, and can’t get enough of my life partner and best friend, Nate.

My journey into “adventure parenting” was not an easy transition. Prior to having kids, I was a type A, high achiever, workaholic, perfectionist, independent, jet-setting, business woman. This lifestyle also extended into my view of the outdoors for running, skiing, ski touring, surfing, mountain biking, etc. Nothing was ever casual and I always wanted more. Faster and better progression. Harder and steeper challenges…you get the idea. I was the true definition of work hard, play hard.

Pregnancy was a tough adjustment for me. Suddenly I found myself restricted and unable to meet my standards of performance. I was losing control of my body and atheletic abilities—the process of letting-go was gruelling. As the days went by, I became more and more unfamiliar with the skin I was living in. Even after giving birth, I still struggled. My body had changed. Although I would eventually become strong again, I didn’t cope well with the lengthy healing process, weakness, lifestyle change, and “failure” of meeting my targets. With a baby in tow, I couldn’t climb peaks the way I wanted to. I couldn’t bike the trails that thrilled me. I couldn’t spend endless hours in the water on a remote beach gaining the skills I longed for. My life had now evolved and I had to consider the little adventure buddy (now buddies) that were attached to me.

Until 3 weeks ago, I was a mom of two kids under the age of 2 (they are 20 months apart) and they have completely changed my outlook on life. Everything from work-life balance, the products I consume, how I prioritize my time, and especially my appreciation for the outdoors.

Unknowingly, they have become my greatest teachers in helping me become a more patient and forgiving person. When I’m in the mountains, life moves a little slower, small steps become big achievements, and the feeling of my son reaching up to hold my hand is as thrilling as ER7 (for those of you who know Lake Louise). However, most importantly, they have changed my outlook on “failure” and instilled a deeper appreciation for work and progression. I know my abilities will come back in time and the peaks, trails, rivers (maybe not the glaciers) will be waiting for me, but now is a unique chance to slow down and appreciate the outdoors with my children. Now is a chance for self love and also a greater love to watch my children grow into the wild. I’ve never had such an impeccable accomplishment like motherhood—it, in itself, is an adventure of a lifetime.

This Blog is for my son, daughter, and greatest supporter, Nathan. These are the stories of our adventures (it’s only the beginning and there are lots!). A journey of self growth, family adaptations, wipe outs and blow outs, laughter and tears. Join us as we hit the snow, water, and trails in the Great Canadian Rockies!

I hope you enjoy reading this Blog as much as I enjoy writing it.