Chestermere Family Bike Park

Terrain Type: Dirt
Difficulty: All Levels

Hands down, this bike park takes the cake! Set in the friendly community of Chestermere, this family bike park has it all ranging from a skills loop, beginner to intermediate pump tracks, and a full on jump park/flow trail! There’s so much to do which makes it the perfect place to camp out for a morning or afternoon—especially since the park has its own outhouse and picnic tables.

Chestermere bike park map

My son spent a lot of time in the skills loop crossing logs, rocks, and experimenting on the various features (see below). Some required a bit of pushing and spotting until he got the hang of it but it’s a great place to work on balance and gain confidence.

There are two pump tracks—one for beginners (a basic loop) and another that’s great for kids who pedal. Both are flat however the rollers and berms progress in size between the two. The bigger pump track gets busy so make sure to follow the flow and watch out for other bikers since some of the trails intersect.

Intermediate Pump Track
The jump park/flow trails are absolutely awesome! If you’re a parent who likes to bike and get air time too, you’ll love this place. My son did the line furthest to the right and got some pretty good speed. A lot of the jumps in other lines have lips which make landings tough on balance bikes. Plus, the on and off ramps get pretty steep!

All in all, this is a great bike park and there’s so much to do in Chestermere that you can easily turn it into an adventure day with the beach and playgrounds nearby.

Happy Biking and make sure to check out my list of bike parks here!

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