Winsport Canada Skills Centre

Terrain type: Dirt, Rocks, Bumps
Difficulty: 4/5

The Winsport Skills Centre offers lots of fun for toddlers and kids who are comfortable on their bikes and don’t mind a little speed. The area consists of multiple single tracks with features such as rocks, logs, berms, bridges, ramps, and rollers. The area is NOT flat so speed management is important and having the ability/stamina to climb back uphill for repeat runs is a bonus (especially if you don’t want to break your back, pushing and running your kid uphill!). If you’re also at the point of running alongside of your kid, I’d either skip this park or wear extremely good shoes with ankle support since there’s lots of rocks, holes, bushes, and uneven ground.

I could instantly tell walking up the park that it’s designed with curiosity in mind—no matter what kind of feature your kid has been eyeing up, they can get a taste of it here! My son did experience some big falls and I also suffered a few minor heart attacks watching him progressively gain speed while attempting features however that’s what this park is all about—testing, mastering, and learning new skills in a safe environment. If you’re looking for a smooth downhill cruiser, this isn’t the place.

I’d recommend this park for kids who are comfortable trying new things on their bike and who want to challenge themselves. It’s the perfect setting to focus on a feature and have fun attempting it several times—my son was obsessed with banking the berms, riding the roller, and maintaining his balance crossing the three logs (shown above). Sometimes he’d “re-do” a feature 3-5 times before continuing to the bottom of the hill.


We also really liked this park because if you’re potty training (like us), there are washrooms nearby and the day lodge is a perfect place to recharge on a hot day. We sat on the outdoor patio and checked out the bikers while eating our lunch. The cafeteria was not open on the weekend but there was a food truck outside.

I did not have to buy a pass for the Skills Park (my son is 2) and it provided about 2.5hrs of entertainment until we forced him to leave for nap time 🙂

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