YYC Inner City Sanity Saver – Waterfall Valley 1km Hike

Looking to escape the city but you’re trying to juggle nap times, moody toddlers, and just don’t have the energy for a trek to the mountains? Well look no further—your sanity saver has arrived!

Just off Silver Springs Blvd near the Silver Springs Arena in the NW, lies a beautiful coulee by the name of Bowmont Park. Not only does this inner city haven have a 1km boardwalk that leads to a waterfall and lookout point, but it also contains  a variety of dirt trails that are perfect for walking and/or single track mountain biking.

Simply park on the street south of Value Village and you will overlook the coulee. There are a network of paved and dirt trails. Follow the paved path down into the valley and you will come to the Watervalley trailhead.


We didn’t pick the most beautiful time of year to explore the park (early May) however it did not disappoint!  The endless amount of streams, vegetation (the crocuses were in full bloom), and the waterfall kept the kids entertained and excited the whole way.

The waterfall is actually the source of Tufa which are underground springs that make their way to the surface. This leads to rich, lush greenery in the summer—which I will certainly come back in the summer to experience!


We made it to the waterfall in good time and quickly ventured out to the lookout point. Keep a close eye on little ones here since there are some openings in the fence that go down to the river. You can also continue to an optional, higher lookout point on the edge of the hill. With kids in hand, our troop (ages 2-4yrs) climbed it on their own and were rewarded with beautiful views of the river and more importantly, the train—which was a highlight for my son!

This place is definitely on my list for summer adventuring. Not only am I excited to see it in full bloom, but I’m looking forward to trying out the single track too!

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