B-Line Indoor Bike Park

Terrain type: Indoor wood based / foam pit
Difficulty: All levels

This bike park is truly a saving grace for my kid during the winter months! It lets him keep biking all year round (he LOVES his bike) and also gives me a place to go on a cold day so we aren’t stuck in the house. The atmosphere is also truly amazing—the staff are kind and helpful, and other bikers cheer one another on and show a lot of encouragement for all skill levels.


The facility is top notch. The amount of features is almost intimidating but the skill level is clearly marked with different colour flooring (green, blue, black) making it easy to navigate. There’s also an area with picnic tables where you can store your belongings, get ready, take a break, or hang out and chat with friends.

My little guy spends his time in the green areas but there are lots of cool features to keep him entertained including different sized bumps, progressive pump tracks, berms, a teeter-totter, and balance features. Every time I go we seem to find something new. Don’t feel intimidated to explore! There are some green areas scattered throughout and it’s fun to watch riders hit the big jumps.

The best part is that kids 3 and under are free and balance bikes are welcome. The only downfall is that the hours from Monday-Thursday are 3-10pm. On Fridays it opens at noon and 10am on the weekend. We normally try to get there during the week after nap time since it hasn’t been too busy and avoids a rush hour commute.

If you do decide to check out the park, here are 3 friendly tips to keep your kid safe and looking like a pro:

1.Follow the Track

Normally we’ve had the green sections to ourselves and I let my kid go wild but on the occasions that it does get busy, I make sure he follows the flow of the track and respects other riders. Normally it runs counter clockwise and everyone takes turns dropping in. On some of the tracks, the starting point is even marked.

2. Don’t “Snake” Others

To avoid any injuries, make sure your little one is patient and waits their turn. I help teach him the flow by starting him where everyone else does and also ending in the same point. People can come from all sides but generally I find that a good system develops and everyone waits their turn and gives a generous amount of room between riders.

3. Avoid Passing

This one is more for the older kids but it’s typically not courteous to pass another rider on the pump track—especially if they’re working on their own skills development. MOST people respect this “rule” but occasionally my little guy will get stormed by riders. For everyone’s safety, older riders should time their drop-in accordingly to avoid passing anyone. That being said, I make sure my little guy stays on the move to avoid any hold ups and if he gets tired, I quickly pull him aside.

All in all this is such a great facility and every kid should experience it 🙂 Hope this helps and happy riding!

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