The Snow Stroller – Enjoying winter with a baby

Snow Strolling with our son at 2.5 months

It was like a punch to the gut when I saw the snowcasts, pictures, and announcements of “powder days” from local ski hills hitting my phone. I’ve been an avid skier my whole life and could tell that this was going to be THE year—and I was going to miss out. I had just given birth to my son in October 2015 and two months later, still didn’t have clearance to ramp up my physical activity.

After being diagnosed with a case of diastasis recti (a case of ab separation that I could write multiple posts about!), I was on a slow and steady recovery. With the itch to get out and moving, I was starting to feel pretty down and out of touch with myself.

Being restricted to walking, we ventured out a couple of times using the xc harness attachment for our Thule Chariot. However, our doctor informed us that the swinging motion created from stepping was probably too much for the baby to handle. I was discouraged that my outdoor adventuring was cut short but I certainly wasn’t going to risk the health and well-being of our son. But then one day, my husband surprised me…

He made a snow stroller that I could push instead which eliminated the jarring stepping movement! To ground the front wheel, he used the quick straps from an old set of rollerblades and cut an old K2 ski. Keeping it attached to the wheel allowed for easy maneuvering between trees and tight trails and as a bonus, it also floated in fluffy snow and tackled choppy conditions. My dream come true! Coupled with the Thule infant sling, I was back on the trails with our 2.5 month old son in Fernie, BC in no time!


There IS hope for all you moms who are worried about feeling stuck inside this winter! If you don’t feel like building your own set-up, there are a few options for purchase. I’d highlight them here but since I personally haven’t tried any myself or done the research, I’ll hold off on naming any.

On another note stay tuned because I’ll be heading out this winter with a 5 month old and will definitely need to dust off the ‘ol snow wheel.


Stay tuned for some local trails that we like to explore!

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