Ready, Set, START! – Let the outdoor adventures begin

Version 2

I’ve postponed starting this Blog for a long time. It’s hard enough finding “me” time that I couldn’t imagine adding a Blog to the mix. On top of it all, I wasn’t sure if I could stay motivated, keep organized, get ideas, or handle the criticism from myself and others.

And then it hit me…

These are many of the same emotions that families face when trying to get outside. Not only are you adapting and learning to live with a new baby (or multiples) but how do you get motivated to pack up the kid(s) and “get out there”? Somedays I can barely handle a trip to the grocery store! Not to mention all the floating thoughts of “Do my kids have the right gear and clothes?”, “How will I ever change this blow out on the trail?” “Where do I go for (insert activity)?” and “Am I doing this right?”

All are valid questions and the fact that you’re even thinking about adventuring into the great outdoors is awesome—everything else is just noise. Nobody has it all figured out but hopefully this Blog can help answer a few of those questions—either through our family’s experiences or by sharing the adventures of others. There’s no right or wrong. We are all just trying to survive, have fun, and most importantly get outside!

My goal is to give your family the courage, inspiration, drive, and knowledge to try a new adventure—hopefully outdoors. So stay tuned for many more posts to come that tackle common every day challenges and also highlight cool adventures in some of our favourite locations within the Canadian Rockies.

Cheers to STARTING NOW!!! Adventure parenting, Blogs, and all 🙂

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